Fresher          Tastier          Naturally

Providing the freshest products available for the retail market, our products are usually delivered the same day they are processed.

Pixtar's dedicated delivery vehicles are new, state of the art refrigerated units able to access any and all delivery points. Products that are delivered fresh immediately after they are processed will have a longer shelf life.

  • Hand selected orders can be vacuum packed to ensure longer shelf life up to 14 days, remaining product can be easily frozen for later use, your product cost is reduced and your inventory of fresh product is better utilized.
  • Our fresh products contain no hormones, antibiotics, additives or preservatives making our products a more natural and healthier choice.
  • All our fresh products are local grown, air chilled and packaged in climate controlled environments resulting in products that retain their freshness and goodness longer.
  • Our products are delivered “Green-weight” we do not add any water or sodium therefore you do not pay for any “added” weight. Chicken is our only ingredient!
  • Products are layer packaged in 5kg boxes for easier handling and storage, less handling of product will minimize cross contamination.


Want to Partner With Us?

To be successful you need your suppliers to be diligent, honest and good at what they do.

We at Pixtar Canada Inc. consider our customers to be partners in our enterprise, partners whose success is our success, whose commitment to offer their customers healthy, safe and tastier products mirrors our values and goals as a corporation.

Contact us now and join us in moving our vision forward.