Pixtar's specialty is quality and portion control.

Client orders are carefully processed so that each and every portion meets your requirements ensuring that your food costs are better controlled and your product offering is of a consistent quality. Pixtar Canada offers unique packaging options for clients in the foodservice industry. By vac-packing and/or layer packing our fresh products, food handling and potential cross contamination is minimized. Unused fresh products can be frozen into shatter packs that can be used later individually portioned without the need to pre-thaw.

With our new breast flattenning process we can provide a product that will cook faster with even temperature control, labour and cross contamination is minimized and will give the final plated product a more value for money appearance. 

Pixtar's emphasis on processing fresh local Ontario chickens that are nitrate free, hormone free and have no additives or preservatives produce products that are fresher and naturally more appetizing. Our green-weight chicken contains no added water or sodium and is usually delivered fresh the day that it is processed. Our fresh products cook faster and taste better than water chilled fresh chicken.


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We at Pixtar Canada Inc. consider our customers to be partners in our enterprise, partners whose success is our success, whose commitment to offer their customers healthy, safe and tastier products mirrors our values and goals as a corporation.

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