Fresher          Tastier          Naturally

Pixtar Canada has the skills, experience and processing capabilities to deliver what you need when you need it!

Each and every order is processed to meet your exact specifications, packaging and delivery requirements, your satisfaction is always guaranteed

  • Portion control is our specialty, your order is processed with diligence and precision each and every portion will meet your requirements, controlling your unit cost is much easier and your product offering is of consistent quality.
  • Large orders are processed efficiently and on time, our delivery units are designed to facilitate deliveries to your location when and where you need product so that you can focus on your business and not chasing deliveries.
  • All our fresh products are local grown, air chilled and packaged in climate controlled environments resulting in products that retain their freshness and goodness longer.
  • Our products are delivered “Green-weight” we do not add any water or sodium therefore you do not pay for any “added” weight. Chicken is our only ingredient!
  • Our fresh products contain no hormones, antibiotics, additives or preservatives making our products a more natural and healthier choice.


Want to Partner With Us?

To be successful you need your suppliers to be diligent, honest and good at what they do.

We at Pixtar Canada Inc. consider our customers to be partners in our enterprise, partners whose success is our success, whose commitment to offer their customers healthy, safe and tastier products mirrors our values and goals as a corporation.

Contact us now and join us in moving our vision forward.